About us

We bring together precision machinery, traditional techniques and natural materials to supply you with a solid timber phone case. 

With the market flooded with cheap, plastic, imported products, we are looking to change your thinking.  Over one billion plastic phone cases are produced annually.  The average phone case lasts less than two years before it’s thrown away making its way to landfill or worse.  We believe we can do better and you now have an opportunity to play your part. 


Is a True Case right for you?

We stand behind our products, our design and our craftmanship but there are variables when working with such a natural product that we cannot control. Products made from wood may crack with use or tiny defects in the grain may build from small stresses or environmental changes. 

Wood products may wear slightly over long periods of time, and this wear may affect the color, texture, or fit of the product.

We don’t want our customers to be disappointed if our cases don’t wear as well as a plastic case they have become accustomed to. Our cases are durable enough to handle drops but we ask that you look after your case as you would the investment inside it (your precious phone). 

We are proudly Australian Made and Australian Owned

Take a peek at the process

We are so proud of the way we produce our unique cases and would love to showcase the work and detail that goes into every case. Take a peek at the video to see just how much love and care goes into your True Case…